Mädchen und Füchse

A few months ago I started a cooperation with my friend Elsa Klever who is a fantastic illustrator. The idea was born by accident although we know each other for some time and we're working door to door. I was preparing some prints for an exhibition and Elsa lend me some of her frames. The floor of my room was completely covered with her illustrations and my photos and I was surprised by the fact how good our works looked together. I gave her some prints and Elsa painted on them. Soon I couldn't imagine those photos anymore without the little creatures and tendrils on them. We had our first exhibition together back in April. Patrick Mariathasan and Philip Nottelmann made a video of the exhibition evening. You can watch it here.

Now we have the pleasure to offer some prints of our work at FKIDS Shop in Hamburg. If you are interested to have a look or to buy some art you can find the shop open from monday till saturday at Ottenser Hauptstr. 37, Hamburg. All prints are framed and unique.

More of our work: